Drawing Peridot

Just a quick post! I don’t think the picture is a very high res since I made it with SAI, but you can pretty much see what I was going for. 🙂 I think this took me about an hour to do.

Things That Get Annoying for Artists

time taken: about 35 mins

Ey, it kinda looks like she has one of those circle bandaids on the tip of her nose… This is just a random drawing that I did while I was bored. Since I drew this, I might as well write something to go along with it. So here are some things that tend to get annoying for DRAWERS artists.

“Good Drawer” meme (made by my friend who is an amazing fellow artist)


Being called a “drawer”/”drawler”

I just love being furniture! This is something that refuses to die. I can understand the confusion (if you dance you’re a dancer, etc.), but what do you see under the “drawer’s” job description? Professional drawer? Oh, and drawling is something that some people from the South do 😉

Having people breathe down your neck (literally) as you draw

I shouldn’t have to explain this honestly XD, but I don’t think you’d want someone breathing down your neck as you do something you think is normal.

Questions about the piece

Because I wanted it to look that way. This might be something not too many others care about, but I like to leave the meaning of my work to the viewer. I know how I meant it to be but if there’s a different opinion on it, to each their own.

People who request a complicated piece and expect it to be done quick

“Draw me a picture of Mirkwood and have it done in an hour”. Yeah, I’ll have it done in an hour, but you’ll be receiving the work of a four-year-old ツ.

Can you draw me?”

Sure, can you pay me? (You get a free pass if you’re a friend *wink wink*)


I know right? Just look at all the animators and concept artists in Hollywood! Not making a single cent! It’s all about how you market yourself. Someone had to design the clothes on your back and the shoes on your feet. Artists aren’t just limited to selling their pretty drawings, they can design websites, clothes, logos, participate in SFX for those action movies you love, and much more.

Something else you could include would be “That doesn’t go there” – someone who has never drawn. If we’re talking anatomy-wise, just listen to them. They might actually point out something that you didn’t see.

(I’m excited to look back at all the art on this blog a few years later and cringe).

Music That I Love

Just a random post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Some of my favorite artists include: Adele, Rihanna, The Neighborhood, Arctic Monkeys, Melanie Martinez, and Twenty One Pilots.

NOTICE: I’m not saying I’m a diehard fan and know exactly how many strands of hair they have, but I just like most of the music that they make.

Some of my favorites from Melanie Martinez: Her whole album Cry Baby. My favorite song from that is Mrs. Potato Head.

Some of my favorites from Adele: Her songs Water Under the Bridge, Hello, and Rumor Has It.

Some of my favorites from The Neighborhood: Wires, Sweater Weather, and Afraid.

Some of my favorites from Rihanna: Love on the Brain, and You Da One.

Some of my favorites from Arctic Monkeys: Do I Wanna Know?

Some of my favorites from Twenty One Pilots: House of Gold, Heathens, Semi-Automatic, and Friend, Please.


Image result for tumblr adventure time gif

Actual picture of me listening to music that I like.



All About This Website

This is just some “lore”, since my website’s birthday was on the 2nd of November.

So on how I decided my URL (with some help from my mom), that was about 3 years ago. Back during that time, I was still a noob in WoW (World of Warcraft). I was leveling my first character that was a hunter and I purely did it by questing, so that was tedious and took a very long time because I kept getting distracted by stuff and MOAR ALTS.

At the time I was level 58 I believe, so I was in Hellfire Peninsula and I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. During that time, my mom encouraged me to make a blog to share my thoughts.

Anyways, there’s this long road made of Draenei corpses called the “Path of Glory” in Hellfire Peninsula (it’s really sad). That was going to be the original URL of my website, but that was taken. Then we tried to figure out all these other names like “Edge of Glory” and stuff like that, then we finally decided on “One Path to Joy”. It definitely still fits.

If you look at the Website Title, it says “This Blog’s Name Changed A Lot”. If you’ve been on my blog since it first started, you’ll know what I mean. The web title definitely has changed (and easily over ten times).

How I decide my Usernames are my own ideas. First, it was Avangelina (which was my first Horde character and a Blood Elf Death Knight), then it was something that I can’t remember right now, then it was Vi, recently it was J.V., and now it’s Javiya. “Javiya” is just a combination of the first 2-3 letters of my full name.

My blog background has changed a lot, and the current one is a gif that I made using Photoshop. My profile pic is a self-portrait sketch from my sketchbook, but that’s going to change soon.


Fun Fact: Whenever I make advanced posts (such as this one), I schedule them for 11:11 am (EST) most of the time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


How to Promote Your Artwork Using Websites

Related image

She became Eleven 😉


There are many different ways to promote and sell your artwork (that I know of).


This is a great way to really get yourself and your artwork out there. Since it is one of the most-used social media sites, you are almost guaranteed to get people to view your art (if your account is public).

favorites: @yaoyaomva @anna_cattish


Tumblr is honestly the first site I go to view artwork and get inspiration. There are lots of interesting things on there, and art of some sort seems to be the main thing posted.

favorites: @waneella @anthonysamaniego @havekat


It’s what I’m currently doing, although I hope that one day I can have a Tumblr account as well :’). If you’re lucky enough, people will view your artwork like hey, that’s actually really good!



deviant art

favorites: @drawkill (deviant art) (I love how they draw a ton of eyes and put their own twist on already existing characters!)


ps: Don’t be afraid to show drawings that you don’t have much confidence in (if you’re not selling the work). I have plenty of drawings that I think are embarassing now, just look at my past drawings haha! People will most likely be more inclined to listening to you when you show your flaws and admit to them; because that’s something that can be hard to do. 😉

Get’cha Head in the Game

Image result for getcha head in the game gif

I should probably follow this advice. o3o


While I was elsewhere: I’ve been in school for nearly two months now (I started late), I’m in the process of taking anatomical drawing 1, I took a 3D printing class ( ≖.≖), annd my dog Bentley (13 yrs.) is nearly blind and keeps running into stuff :/ .

So that’s basically my life right now.

After I had a few classes in my drawing class, I saw major improvements with my faces (that’s what we’re on right now). I’d like to pretend that the pictures I’ve drawn before just don’t exist on this blog >_> because I can see how bad they are from an artist’s point of view. Of course at the time they seem really good you know, but then as I keep progressing with my art, I start to realize… things… and cringe at any older drawings. Even the most recent one I did, I’d like to redraw sometime because it looks muy mal.

Halloween Vibes

Just decided to draw this yesterday since it’s near Halloween. These are some of my favorite villains along with my own OC villain.

I literally was working on this one for about 40 minutes and got finished a little after 1am this morning XD. The characters were rough sketches at first, but I decided to just shade them so they looked finalized.

(From left to right: Black Hat – Villainous, Sans – Undertale, Bendy – Bendy and the Ink Machine, The Marionette – Five Night At Freddy’s, Arthas – WoW Wrath of the Lich King, Bella “Bell Demon” – my OC)

Getting Back on Track

Okay, yes I haven’t posted recently and I apologize. During the school season is when I tend to slow down on my blog posts. This year is my first year homeschooling which is actually really fun. I get all my work done in a timely matter, & still have plenty of time to do what I want. Many people have a misconception of homeschoolers being unsocialized & antisocial, but that’s not always true. I’m taking a few co-ops this year (classes where a group meets at a certain location weekly or daily). I’m taking a 3D printing class, chemistry, & an Anatomical Drawing class in October.

In the 3D printing co-op we just took a field trip on Monday to a 3D printing buisiness. It was really informative, although I most likely won’t have a career (or want a career) in 3D printing stuff. I prefer to do things by hand instead of guiding tools where to go.

Ohhh and on WoW I actually have a 104 Paladin… that’s a shocker. But I do enjoy playing her (she’s a blood elf)

I’ve still been drawing, I’ll have to post some soon because I made two or three comics (I think). Very short, but comics nonetheless.


Alien Girl

This is just a gif I made of an alien girl that I decided to call Seren. I’m really not sure what her hand is doing… I’m going to have to fix that and practice drawing hand positions more.

She looks like the queen of strawberry yogurt for some reason.

Ahh… and also I was working on a short comic last night (early morning), so i’ll probably have that done by the end of this week at the latest? New OCs will be introduced soon.

Note: If I say I’ll have something done by a certain date, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be posted on the same day. I try to post every other day or every two to three days, so the comic may not be posted until next week. I’ll try to put it up as soon as I can, though.


And Another OC

I’m not sure what made me draw her, but I guess it stemmed from my love of succulents! They are very beautiful plants in my opinion.

Sorsha isn’t fully a cactus like I initially drew her to be, but instead is 75% human and 25% succulent (which is why I called her a humanoid).

I haven’t forgotten about the comics; I should be posting some soon! It’s been kind of hard to settle on one comic that I like. I’ll have an idea to do a part in the comic, but then when I look at it later, I’m like “nahh that won’t work”. I tend to wait a day or two after I draw a comic to see if it needs improvement or not. I’m also still learning the artist’s anatomy, so that’s another thing for me to keep in mind (if I drew the limbs right, if it can bend that way, etc.).