About the Fury Warrior… and Boubou


Boubou (the fury warrior), went in battlegrounds yesterday. Fury warriors are much stronger than I thought they were! I’m used to being a glass cannon (good from a distance until some melee person starts attacking you), but fury warriors seem to be strong even at level 10.

I went into the battleground at only level 10, with only four spells (Bloodthirst, Furious Slash, Charge and Execute), and I could still kill most people I ran into. The only classes that I noticed that were difficult to kill were the druids and shamans. I killed some druids, but some killed me, and every shaman I ran into I got killed by. They are also a class that’s very powerful at low level.

I remember this one specific time – I was in Warsong Gulch – there was an orc rogue that decided to go alone (bad idea) to try and kill our flag carrier. I was in the bottom room, so all I had to do was run upstairs and I’d find him. He managed to kill the flag carrier before I got up there, but he didn’t manage to run away in time before I killed him πŸ™‚ . All I did was Charge at him, and I kept switching between Bloodthirst and Furious Slash, and I used Execute when he was nearly dead. He was dead within seconds. This is when I really realized how strong furies are, even though rogues at that level normally don’t do well unless they really focus and time their spells exactly right. Poor orc :p .

It’s pretty funny to see a gnome warrior. They’re like tiny balls of rage :3 ! And what’s funny is that in battlegrounds, gnomes either aren’t seen or get instantly targeted because of the strong dislike of them. That rogue that I killed kept instantly coming for me whenever he saw me to get “revenge”, but I killed him every time XD . Maybe I’ll record a battleground with my gnome in it so you can see how powerful furies really are.

I just think it’s very funny to see someone get pwned by a small “ankle-biter” πŸ˜€ !


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