And Another OC

I’m not sure what made me draw her, but I guess it stemmed from my love of succulents! They are very beautiful plants in my opinion.

Sorsha isn’t fully a cactus like I initially drew her to be, but instead is 75% human and 25% succulent (which is why I called her a humanoid).

I haven’t forgotten about the comics; I should be posting some soon! It’s been kind of hard to settle on one comic that I like. I’ll have an idea to do a part in the comic, but then when I look at it later, I’m like “nahh that won’t work”. I tend to wait a day or two after I draw a comic to see if it needs improvement or not. I’m also still learning the artist’s anatomy, so that’s another thing for me to keep in mind (if I drew the limbs right, if it can bend that way, etc.).


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