All About This Website

This is just some “lore”, since my website’s birthday was on the 2nd of November.

So on how I decided my URL (with some help from my mom), that was about 3 years ago. Back during that time, I was still a noob in WoW (World of Warcraft). I was leveling my first character that was a hunter and I purely did it by questing, so that was tedious and took a very long time because I kept getting distracted by stuff and MOAR ALTS.

At the time I was level 58 I believe, so I was in Hellfire Peninsula and I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. During that time, my mom encouraged me to make a blog to share my thoughts.

Anyways, there’s this long road made of Draenei corpses called the “Path of Glory” in Hellfire Peninsula (it’s really sad). That was going to be the original URL of my website, but that was taken. Then we tried to figure out all these other names like “Edge of Glory” and stuff like that, then we finally decided on “One Path to Joy”. It definitely still fits.

If you look at the Website Title, it says “nomannic.”. This is just cinnamon spelled backwards, which is also the color of my complexion.

How I decide my Usernames are my own ideas. First, it was Avangelina (which was my first Horde character and a Blood Elf Death Knight), then it was something that I can’t remember right now, then it was Vi, recently it was J.V., and now it’s Javiya. “Javiya” is just a combination of the first 2-3 letters of my full name.

My blog background has changed a lot, and the current one is a gif that I made using Photoshop. My profile pic is a self-portrait sketch from my sketchbook, but that’s going to change soon.


Fun Fact: Whenever I make advanced posts (such as this one), I schedule them for 11:11 am (EST) most of the time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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