Brushing up on Drawing Skills

These past few days, I’ve been going over and trying to perfect how to draw the human body because it’s something that I don’t really do much XD . I figured that if I’m going to be showing pictures of the OCs (original characters) that I make with the full body, I need to be good at it. My strong point right now is in profiles (faces).

The way that’s been working for me on learning how to draw the body, is drawing it limb by limb. Right now, I’m trying to focus on hands/fingers, legs, and feet. A youtuber/artist that’s been really helpful in learning how to do things easily and giving kind of a “shortcut” is Xabio Arts. I also really love Anna Cattish’s artwork!

After I finish getting a proper grip on how to draw the body, I’ll focus on clothing and clothing wrinkles which is honestly still tricky for me to do 😛 .


2 thoughts on “Brushing up on Drawing Skills

  1. They are talented and so are you. I love to see how you keep progressing with your artwork. Well done! 🙂 Don’t hide your God given talents. Let them shine!

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