Get’cha Head in the Game

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I should probably follow this advice. o3o


While I was elsewhere: I’ve been in school for nearly two months now (I started late), I’m in the process of taking anatomical drawing 1, I took a 3D printing class ( ≖.≖), annd my dog Bentley (13 yrs.) is nearly blind and keeps running into stuff :/ .

So that’s basically my life right now.

After I had a few classes in my drawing class, I saw major improvements with my faces (that’s what we’re on right now). I’d like to pretend that the pictures I’ve drawn before just don’t exist on this blog >_> because I can see how bad they are from an artist’s point of view. Of course at the time they seem really good you know, but then as I keep progressing with my art, I start to realize… things… and cringe at any older drawings. Even the most recent one I did, I’d like to redraw sometime because it looks muy mal.

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  1. At times, life takes us away from our blogs and that’s ok. You’re still taking the time to smell the roses and enjoy life! ❤️

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