I Got Legion πŸ˜€

Today I got Legion (thanks, mom πŸ™Œ)! I am sooo excited since demon hunters are coming out tomorrow πŸ˜€ . I already made my level 100; it’s a ww (windwalker) monk that i named “Leontyne”. I REALLY want to go to the broken isles and start questing there, but sadly I am not in Legion alpha/beta πŸ™ .

Leontyne xmog

So far, this is Leontyne’s transmog. Impressive, right? NOT πŸ˜‚ . The only thing I like right now about her transmog are the swords [Westfall Saber] πŸ˜‚.Β  I’ll be going to the Auction House or do a few raids to get the transmog I want πŸ˜€ , so I will update this when I do.


Leontyne ver 2

Head: hidden helm (soon to be Hateful Gladiator’s Leather Helm )

Shoulders: Ghost Fox Spaulders

Chest: VanCleef’s Breastplate of Conquest

Tabard: Gilneas Tabard

Legs: Woundseal Leggings

Feet: Grazle’s Sandals

Weapons: Frost-Etched Runeblade

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