Needle the Bat

Here are some pictures of Needle the Bat (thank you for the name, Mom). I’m still trying to decide whether I should make a comic-thing with her in it… (All pictures by me :3) You may be wondering, “where are her wings?”, and she keeps them in her sleeves. Things wanna see more?

CAS Sims 4 — Homeworld Gems

Today while I was on Sims 4, I decided to make Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, and Jasper (the Homeworld Gems) from Steven Universe. I really enjoyed how they turned out! Peridot (Comedian, Genius, Clumsy, Perfectionist) Lapis Lazuli (Freelance Botanist, Loves Outdoors, Art Lover, Gloomy) Jasper (Bodybuilder, Hot Headed, Self-Assured, Ambitious)