Things That Get Annoying for Artists

time taken: about 35 mins

Ey, it kinda looks like she has one of those circle bandaids on the tip of her nose… This is just a random drawing that I did while I was bored. Since I drew this, I might as well write something to go along with it. So here are some things that tend to get annoying for DRAWERS artists.

“Good Drawer” meme (made by my friend who is an amazing fellow artist)


Being called a “drawer”/”drawler”

I just love being furniture! This is something that refuses to die. I can understand the confusion (if you dance you’re a dancer, etc.), but what do you see under the “drawer’s” job description? Professional drawer? Oh, and drawling is something that some people from the South do 😉

Having people breathe down your neck (literally) as you draw

I shouldn’t have to explain this honestly XD, but I don’t think you’d want someone breathing down your neck as you do something you think is normal.

Questions about the piece

Because I wanted it to look that way. This might be something not too many others care about, but I like to leave the meaning of my work to the viewer. I know how I meant it to be but if there’s a different opinion on it, to each their own.

People who request a complicated piece and expect it to be done quick

“Draw me a picture of Mirkwood and have it done in an hour”. Yeah, I’ll have it done in an hour, but you’ll be receiving the work of a four-year-old ツ.

Can you draw me?”

Sure, can you pay me? (You get a free pass if you’re a friend *wink wink*)


I know right? Just look at all the animators and concept artists in Hollywood! Not making a single cent! It’s all about how you market yourself. Someone had to design the clothes on your back and the shoes on your feet. Artists aren’t just limited to selling their pretty drawings, they can design websites, clothes, logos, participate in SFX for those action movies you love, and much more.

Something else you could include would be “That doesn’t go there” – someone who has never drawn. If we’re talking anatomy-wise, just listen to them. They might actually point out something that you didn’t see.

(I’m excited to look back at all the art on this blog a few years later and cringe).

One thought on “Things That Get Annoying for Artists

  1. I guess that would become annoying. At times, I’m a bit exasperated with what people assume with my favorite handcrafts; knitting, sewing, and soapmaking!

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