Today I played WoW for a bit and it was very eventful πŸ™‚

(For some reason the pictures came out really blurry on here but before I uploaded them they were super clear πŸ˜•)

(Update: If you’re on a computer, then the pictures most likely will be blurry. On any other device it should be clear).


Getting my demon hunter to 110,

Visiting Bizmo’s Brawlpub and seeing an NPC run around and scream for no apparent reason,

Gliding down from Cliff’s Edge to Blind Marshlands in Highmountain,

Seeing a baby Tauren in Highmountain,

Killing a demon in Dalaran,

And then this artsy picture I took of Stormheim.


One thought on “WoWoWoWoW!

  1. ❀️ Aww at the baby Tauren. ❀️ I think it’s my first time seeing one in WoW. πŸ€” the photos look clear on my iPad.

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